Moon Faced Witch – Amazon eBook




Moon faced witch is a rhyming poem.  It’s a fantasy story which starts in a large royal palace with a king and a queen. This fable, with talking trees in a gigantic forest, follows twin sisters who are witches.  The story unfolds and tells of the challenges they face as they overcome obstacles on their journeys. Some of the characters are helpful and some evil. There are transformations and spells.  The twins’mother, who can fly like an eagle and her relative the wizard, who has a lizard, live deep in the forest. Goblins, elves, a unicorn and dragon come face to face as the adventure reaches its climax.

The story takes around an hour and twenty minutes to read or listen to as an audio. It will appeal to some adults and is aimed at eight to twelve year olds. The illustrations are varied and some are just outlines so that if you have the paperback you can draw and fill them in. There is a dictionary with words from the poem in the back. I’ve always found that reading improved vocabulary and I got into the habit of checking and then writing down words I didn’t know. I’d like to encourage everyone to try writing rhyming poems and drawing for fun.