A - Z Mini Guide to Women's Health

A-Z Mini Guide to Women's Health

By Karen Stone

I started writing this book a few years ago in response to a feeling that teenagers and young women today have challenges that I didn’t have.  I’m fifty-two now and aware that mistakes I made and decisions I took impacted my life on different levels. I have a background as a yoga and qigong teacher and therapist and have studied health and nutrition for over thirty years.  

The book, A to Z mini-guide to women’s health, spans subjects I feel encompass holistic health. There are chapters on food, exercise and diet with recipes as well as chapters about the myths regarding sweeteners and ‘fat’ that have been blatantly advertised to the detriment of many women.  I’ve included chapters for teenagers regarding drugs, alcohol, self image and self respect so they can make their own decisions. I feel that the book could be used as an educational and parenting tool.

There are current issues in some chapters that mention social media and our expectations of life and the way women are perceived in society.  Men in positions of power and authority or who dominate certain areas in entertainment have been brought to task for their abusive and predatory behaviour. Young women need to feel that they are worthwhile and equal to men. There are so many empowering women who are mentoring and transforming politics and companies with their foresight and vision.   Mindfulness and gratitude are among the chapters that link to well-being with inspirational readings.

The book spans decades with contraception and fertility and then menopause and avoiding dementia. Women traverse through many stages, juggling jobs, relationships, family and child rearing whilst snatching at times where we can recharge and nourish ourselves.  I want A to Z mini-guide to inspire and encourage responsibility for our own health and to research all options available to us to maintain it.

A to Z mini-guide to women’s health by Karen Stone is also available in Paperback on Amazon.

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